Magic Tree House® #1–#4 Pack

by Mary Pope Osborne illustrated by Sal Murdocca


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The ever-popular time-travel series begins as Jack and Annie fly through history meeting everything from the fiercest dinosaurs to the most dangerous pirates!

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  • Magic Tree House® #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark
    Magic Tree House® #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark
    Only available in pack
    Available Formats
    Paperback Book
  • Magic Tree House® #4: Pirates Past Noon
    Magic Tree House® #4: Pirates Past Noon
    Only available in pack
    Available Formats
    Paperback Book
  • Magic Tree House® #2: The Knight at Dawn
    Magic Tree House® #2: The Knight at Dawn
    Only available in pack
    Available Formats
    Paperback Book
  • Magic Tree House® #3: Mummies in the Morning
    Magic Tree House® #3: Mummies in the Morning
    Only available in pack
    Available Formats
    Paperback Book

About this Series

Mary Pope Osborne's bestselling adventure series follows the exploits of a perfectly normal brother and sister, Jack and Annie Smith, who discover that the books in their tree house are anything but ordinary. Every book opens the doorway into another place and time, and soon the siblings find themselves confronting dinosaurs, mummies, ninjas, knights, and more unexpected adversaries.

The Magic Tree House series consists of two subseries. In the first, King Arthur's sister—the sorceress Morgan le Fay—sends Jack and Annie Smith from their home in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, on a series of magical missions, each with a specific objective. In the second, beginning with Christmas in Camelot (formerly Book #29, now Book #1 of the Merlin Missions series), Arthur's court magician Merlin sends the kids on a series of difficult, often dangerous, learning quests. The Merlin Missions are longer than the books in the original series, and some take place in fantasy realms like Camelot rather than in historical times.

In a companion series called the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers, Mary Pope Osborne joins forces with her husband, Will Osborne, or her sister, Natalie Pope Boyce, to explore the real-life science and history behind each novel.

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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-25755-7

About the Author

Author of the beloved chapter book series about the exploits of a pair of time-traveling siblings, Mary Pope Osborne says she was "born into adventure." Because her dad was in the army, every year or two her family would move to a different state or even a different country. By the time she was 15, Mary had lived in 13 different houses and gone to 8 different schools! Writing the Magic Tree House books was a perfect career because she could travel all over the world—and still be home in time for dinner.

Mary Pope Osborne has written almost 100 books, including biographies, mysteries, picture books, novels, and retellings of fairy tales and world mythology. With Jack and Annie, she has traveled through time, from the prehistoric land of dinosaurs to the imaginary world of Camelot. But her greatest adventure is the creative journey she takes with her legions of loyal readers—meeting them in person in schools and bookstores and reading the wonderful stories and letters they send. "This is true magic," she says.

Osborne served twice as president of the Authors Guild, the country's oldest and most established organization for published authors. Since then, she has traveled extensively in the United States and throughout the world, visiting schools and speaking on issues related to children's literacy and books.

About the Illustrator

Salvatore (Sal) Murdocca grew up in Brooklyn, New York, back in the days when, as long as he showed up at school and the dinner table, a kid was free to follow his own inclinations and explore his own imagination. For Sal, that meant wandering around with his friends and drawing and painting what he saw. He worked hard at his art, treating every drawing like the most important project in the world.

As an adult, Sal Murdocca is best known for his illustrations of the ever-popular Magic Tree House series. Drawing the ever-changing subjects, locations, time periods, and action of each book has been a constant challenge—and a learning experience too. Murdocca takes particular pride in the fact that he gets to show the world what each new Magic Tree House story will look like!

Murdocca lives in a magical area of southern France where he often bikes with his wife, carrying a sketchbook to draw beautiful things he sees along the way—some of which end up in the Magic Tree House series!