Best Friend Next Door Plus Scrunchies

by Carolyn Mackler


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Emme and Hannah share the same birthday, and both their names can be spelled forward and backward the same way—but that doesn’t mean they’ll be friends! Comes with metallic hair scrunchies.

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  • Best Friend Next Door
    Best Friend Next Door
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Meet Hannah. Her name is a palindrome. Her birthday is on New Year’s Day. She wishes she had a cat. She’s medium height and a little awkward. And her life has not been fun lately. That’s because her dad and stepmom are having a baby and, worst of all, her best friend next door just moved away. Now, a new girl is here, taking over her best friend’s bedroom.

Meet Emme. Her name is also a palindrome, and her birthday is on New Year’s Day too. She loves her enormous orange cat. She’s so short that last week, she was mistaken for a kindergartner. She’s found moving to a new town very difficult, but at least there’s the girl next door, Hannah. Maybe they’ll become friends? While Hannah and Emme are alike in so many ways, they’re very different in some ways too. Is this the perfect friendship…or a recipe for disaster? Comes with metallic hair scrunchies.
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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-74432-3