Sharks: Predators of the Sea

by Anna Claybourne


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Short Summary
They aren’t just predators—sharks help protect the health of the world’s oceans.

Good For:
Hundreds of Undersea Photos, Fascinating Facts, Informative Sidebars, High-Interest Nonfiction

Topics and Themes:
Sharks, Ocean Ecosystems, Predators and Prey, Environmental Protection

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Chapters of accessible text describe the natural history of 17 of the world’s 450 species of sharks along with some shark relatives. Special features on shark biology describe the physical characteristics that make them so remarkable.

Includes 17 shark species: great white, great hammerhead, bull, mako, blue, thresher, tiger, lemon shark, goblin, wobbegong, dwarf lanternshark, cookie-cutter, Greenland, whale, megamouth, frilled, and reef, plus a few shark relatives, the manta ray, stingray, electric ray, and the sawfish.
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