Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

by Eric Litwin illustrated by James Dean
Short Summary
In this fun Christmas tale with a hilarious twist, Santa gets sick and calls on this groovy cat to fill in and save the day.

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It's Christmastime, and Santa has come down with a bad cold. He calls Pete the Cat on his cell phone and asks for help. Pete knows filling in for Santa won't be easy, but he thinks he's just the cat to do it. He climbs aboard his minibus filled with presents, and with the help of Santa's reindeer he drops off gifts to all the boys and girls of the world. Will he manage to get them all delivered in time?

This is a funny, original spin on "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," and the goofy illustrations are sure to bring on the laughs.

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About this Series

Pete is one unflappable cat. Whether the buttons of his favorite shirt keep popping off or he's going to school for the first time, Pete never loses his cool. No matter what little surprises come his way, his motto is: "It's all good." And he usually has a catchy song to sing as he goes through his day!

Originally, Pete was a black cat adopted by the artist James Dean. Inspired by his new pet, Dean created a series of paintings starring Pete, painted blue instead of black. When fellow Georgia resident Eric Litwin discovered the paintings at an art gallery, he just knew that he wanted to create a picture book with Pete the Cat. Add one bouncy song and some awesome shoes, and the sing-along, read-aloud phenomenon was born!

Loved by parents, teachers, and kids alike, Pete the Cat stories are now available as picture books and early readers.

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    • Grades: PreK - 1
    • Ages: 3 - 6
  • Product Type: Book
  • Page Count: 40 pages
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Language: English
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-545-64913-1

Editorial Reviews

"The vibrant illustrations and the simple story create a satisfying whole."—Kirkus Reviews

"This book is sure to become a favorite."—School Library Journal