Miles Morales: Stranger Tides: A Spider-Man Graphic Novel

by Justin A. Reynolds illustrated by Pablo Leon


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Miles Morales is feeling super confident as Spider-Man—until a villain launches a video game with a devastating glitch. Full-color graphic novel.

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Miles Morales has just about gotten used to being Spider-Man. Keeping Brooklyn safe, taking down bad guys, and finishing his homework―he’s got this! But when Spider-Man is invited to a launch for a brand-new video game, things go sideways fast. Anyone who plays the game is frozen, and it’s all because of a villain named the Stranger. He’s judged humanity and found it lacking…and his idea of justice is extreme. Now that the clock is ticking, can Miles turn old foes into friends and find the answers he needs in time to save the world?
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Product Details

    • Grades: 3 - 7
    • Ages: 8 - 12
  • Product Type: Book
  • Page Count: 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Language: English
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-82639-5