I Survived True Stories: Tornado Terror

by Lauren Tarshis


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These teens survived two of America’s deadliest tornado strikes! Includes weird weather facts and profiles of professional storm chasers.

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The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 was the deadliest tornado strike in American history, tearing through three states and killing 700 people. Almost a century later, the Joplin Tornado was a mile-wide monster that nearly destroyed the heart of a vibrant city.

The author of the New York Times–bestselling I Survived series tells the vivid true stories of two young people who survived these terrifying twisters, along with fascinating facts about tornadoes and portraits of the scientists who study them.
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About this Series

From the American Revolution to Pearl Harbor, the destruction of Pompeii to the Great Chicago Fire, each volume in Lauren Tarshis's bestselling survival series tells a terrifying-but-thrilling story from history, as seen through the eyes of a boy who lived to tell the tale. It's historical fiction with a nail-biting bent, and children read them compulsively, soaking up lots of facts along the way.

How do you survive on a battlefield with musket balls whizzing past your head? When a volcano blows its top and the lava starts to flow, which way do you run to escape from danger? Tarshis brings some of history's most terrifying events vividly to life in these do-or-die fictional stories based on real storms, battles, natural disasters, and even terrorist attacks.

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