First Generation: 36 Trailblazing Immigrants and Refugees Who Make America Great

by Rich Wallace and Sandra Neil Wallace illustrated by Agata Nowicka


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    • Grades: 3 - 7
    • Ages: 9 - 12
    • Format: Paperback Book
Short Summary
With their courage and sheer determination to change the world, these men and women have helped make our country a stronger place.

Good For:
Celebrating Genius, Bold Colorful Art, Patriotic Look at America’s Diversity and Depth of Talent

Topics and Themes:
Madeleine Albright, Celia Cruz, Dikembe Mutombo, Albert Einstein, Jorge Ramos, Other Trailblazers and Trendsetters, Immigrants and Refugees, Overcoming Adversity, Courage and Conviction, Never Giving Up

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The men and women in this book represent nations from Somalia to Germany, from Syria to China, from Mexico to Sweden, and more. They are people like Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, international singing sensation Celia Cruz, star basketball player Dikembe Mutombo, world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein, and influential journalist Jorge Ramos. And they are all immigrants, or refugees to the United States of America. Their courage, their achievements, and their determination to change the world have helped make our country a stronger place. After learning their stories, readers will be inspired to make the world a better place too.
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Product Details

    • Grades: 3 - 7
    • Ages: 9 - 12
  • Product Type: Book
  • Page Count: 96 pages
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 9"
  • Language: English
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-316-42311-3