FGTeeV: The Switcheroo Rescue!

illustrated by Miguel Díaz Rivas


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The FGTeeV family must come to the rescue when Duddz and Cecil bonk heads—and switch bodies!

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A strange glitch causes Duddz and Cecile to flip-flop into each other’s bodies. Now Cecil has Duddz’s lightning-fast reflexes and mad gaming skills, while Duddz is stuck with Cecil’s stubby fingers and really bad banana allergies. But the two frenemies have no choice but to work together if they want to get back into their own bodies and stop the mayhem-wrecking ghost that their antics have unleashed.

But when their plans backfire and Cecil turns power mad, Moomy, Chase, Lexi, Mike, and Shawn have to step in to try to save the day. Can the family find a way to stop Cecil, save Duddz, banish a nasty ghost, and get everyone back into their rightful bodies before it’s too late?
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  • ISBN 13: 978-0-063-25133-5