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eWallets are for use at in-person and online Book Fairs only.

To create a new eWallet
Get started by finding your school’s Book Fair.

To use your eWallet balance for a Book Clubs purchase
A few days after the Book Fair ends, remaining eWallet funds become a Scholastic eGift Card balance and can be used for any online Scholastic purchases, including from Book Clubs. Your eGift Card balance will display at checkout when you are logged in with the same account used to create the eWallet.

Looking for an existing eWallet?
All active Book Fair eWallets and eWallet order history are in the eWallet section of your Scholastic profile.

Note: You must create a new eWallet for each child and for each new Book Fair. Any unspent funds in a previous eWallet have been added to your eGift Card balance and can be used to fund a new eWallet.

To add funds or check an eWallet balance for an active Book Fair
Visit the eWallet section of your Scholastic profile.

From that page:

  1. Find your active eWallet.
  2. Click the down arrow to open the eWallet.
  3. Then click “Add more funds.”

To add an eWallet for another child for the same Book Fair, click +ADD EWALLET

For more info on Book Fair eWallets, visit the FAQs.

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