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Since 1948, students have eagerly reached for the Scholastic Book Clubs flyer, pencils in hands, ready to circle books, books and more books. Books they're discovering for the first time, books they've been waiting to read, and books featuring relatable adventures and extraordinary possibilities they can't wait to explore for themselves.

Choosing their own books turns students into enthusiastic readers and leads to big bonuses in the Clubs Points Program, where every family purchase earns rewards that teachers can use to build better classrooms. And that's just one of the perks that comes from being part of the "Club" at any age!

Anchored by Scholastic, a trusted name in reading and in the classroom for over 100 years, Scholastic Book Clubs is a reliable, go-to resource for teachers and parents. Our inside educator-approved scoop keeps everyone on the pulse of what's new and what's news—from the latest series to favorite characters. Even better, our flyers offer expertly curated selections by grade, making it easy for grown-ups to support kids on their journey to developing a lifelong love of reading.

And you may have noticed that like so many of the beloved series you grew up on, we've also recently gotten a glow-up! This includes a fresh, fun look with more activities to get kids psyched about characters and titles, as well as a more streamlined, convenient experience for our hard-working Book Clubs teachers.

So c'mon and be part of the Club! Everyone's invited...and there's more to come.
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