Potty Animals: What to Know When You’ve Gotta Go!

by Hope Vestergaard illustrated by Valeria Petrone


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    • Grades: Babies & Toddlers - PreK
    • Ages: 2 - 4
    • Format: Paperback Book
      Paperback Book
Short Summary
This bright and cheerfully illustrated picture book uses adorable animal characters to provide a fun and informative introduction to the basics of proper potty behavior.

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There are a few young critters that need some help with the do's and don'ts of doing their business. Readers can meet these messy friends and help them get things right!

It's time to remind Wilbur to wash his hands, while Freddie has lots of trouble with flushing. Wilma waits until it's too late and Benji barges in without a knock. These little guys need get their bathroom act together! Follow along to the rhyming rules as they go through all the no-no's on their way to becoming potty-time pros.

This sweet and silly picture book is ideal for reading aloud to little ones as they learn all the potty basics, from planning ahead to zipping up and everything in between.

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Product Details

    • Grades: Babies & Toddlers - PreK
    • Ages: 2 - 4
  • Product Type: Book
  • Page Count: 40 pages
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Language: English
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-545-33328-3

Editorial Reviews

"This welcome addition to the genre offers parents and teachers a playful way to address a necessary topic."
Kirkus Reviews

"[A] cheerful, rhyming picture book."