Owl Diaries #4: Eva and the New Owl Plus Rainbow Owl Plush

by Rebecca Elliott


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Short Summary
Eva’s worried she’ll lose her best friend in the whole owliverse to the new owl in class. Plus a plush rainbow owl.

Good For:
Getting Hooked on a Chapter Book Series, Cute Woodland Characters, Engaging Pictures, Page-Turning Adventures

Topics and Themes:
Friendship, New Kids, Classroom Ups and Downs, Owls

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  • Owl Diaries #4: Eva and the New Owl
    Owl Diaries #4: Eva and the New Owl
    Only available in pack
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    Paperback Book
  • Rainbow Owl Plush
    Rainbow Owl Plush
    Only available in pack
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    Incentive & Prize


There’s a new owl in Treetopolis. Her name is Hailey. Eva really wants Hailey to be her friend, but Hailey doesn’t seem to want to spend time with her. Then Hailey starts hanging out with Eva’s best friend, Lucy! Does this mean Eva will have to find a new best friend?

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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-62520-2