KleptoCats: It’s Their World Now! Plus Plush

Short Summary
This funny guide to getting by in a feline-infested world comes with a cute kitty plush and overlord.

Good For:
Fans of KleptoCats, Easy-to-Read Humor, Adorable Art, Harnessing Enthusiasm for Gaming Apps

Topics and Themes:
Popular Games, Cat Masterminds, Comical Advice, Cat Thieves, Alien Cats

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  • KleptoCats: It’s Their World Now!
    KleptoCats: It’s Their World Now!
    Only available in pack
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    Paperback Book
  • KleptoCats Plush
    KleptoCats Plush
    Only available in pack
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    Incentive & Prize


Featuring profiles on 50 of these feline masterminds, plus hysterical advice, this essential guide will help feline-phobics navigate life with pesky portal-jumping thieves. From a mischievous yarn-stealing cat to one that may actually be an alien in disguise, these kooky kitties cannot be trusted. So stay safe, and remember, it’s their world now.
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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-36465-1