Electrifying Science Plus Electron Tube

by Jordan D. Brown
Short Summary
Electricity sparks and shocks in this fact-filled guide that includes ten exciting experiments plus an electron tube that creates a hand-held circuit.

Good For:
Hands-On Science, Interactive Learning Adventures, Exploring Electricity, Safe At-Home Experiments

Topics and Themes:
Electricity, Physics, Circuits, Batteries

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    Electrifying Science
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  • Electron Tube
    Electron Tube
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Readers are about to make things move, bend, jump, and sparkle with the power of electricity. Learn the basic science of electric energy, then perform simple experiments.

This book comes with an electron tube that will light up and show circuitry in action when kids hold it on both ends. Get ready for an electrifying time!
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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-338-62332-1