Calendar Mysteries Collection

by Ron Roy illustrated by John Steven Gurney


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There's a tricky new mystery every month for these intrepid kid detectives.

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  • Calendar Mysteries: June Jam
    Calendar Mysteries: June Jam
    Only available in pack
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    Paperback Book
  • Available Formats
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  • Calendar Mysteries: November Night
    Calendar Mysteries: November Night
    Only available in pack
    Available Formats
    Paperback Book

About this Series

Each new month of the calendar means a new mystery—and there's no case the Calendar Club can't crack. Casey, Dottie, and Leon are best friends—and super detectives, especially when they work together. Casey is so curious she's good at snooping, Leon is a rock collector who's great at finding clues, and Dottie never forgets anything. Each book in this engaging chapter-book series features likable characters, an easy-to-follow plot full of surprises, and bonus puzzles, games, and trivia at the end.

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    • Grades: 2 - 3
    • Ages: 7 - 9
  • Product Type: Book Pack
  • Page Count: 976 pages
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Mystery & Suspense
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-545-84472-7