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Book of the Week: Jo Jo Makoons: The Used-to-Be Best Friend

by Dawn Quigley illustrated by Tara Audibert


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    • Grades: 2 - 4
    • Ages: 7 - 9
    American Indian Youth Literature Honor
    • Format: Paperback Book
      Paperback Book
Short Summary

Jo Jo’s BFF doesn’t want to be friends anymore…which means she’s got to find a new friend fast!

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Jo Jo Makoons Azure is a spirited seven-year-old who moves through the world a little differently than anyone else on her Ojibwe reservation. It always seems like her mom, her kokum (grandma), and her teacher have a lot to learn—about how good Jo Jo is at cleaning up, what makes a good rhyme, and what it means to be friendly.

​​​​​​​Even though Jo Jo loves her number-one best friend, Mimi (who is a cat), she’s worried that she needs to figure out how to make more friends. Because Fern, her best friend at school, may not want to be friends anymore.…

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  • ISBN 13: 978-1-339-02217-8